FTC Radiation Sensor Packs
Remote threat reporting
Short message pulse technology
Extreme low-power circuitry controls
Next-level power cells
Operates in extreme environments
No external antenna
Adaptable: Can implement chemical and biological threat detection
Secure: No man-in-the-field prevents compromised security

Superior radiation detection technique:
Solid-state room temperature Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) radiation sensor technology integrated into a compact sensor-reporting package. The FTC Radiation Sensor Pack contains a very low power, highly-sensitive radiation monitor that can detect the gamma radiation from such potential "dirty-bomb" candidates as Cobalt 60, Cesium 137 and Iridium 192 - substances which are highly radioactive, yet readily available as a result of their use in medical and industrial applications.




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  Designed to detect gamma emissions
at extremely low levels consistent with a reasonably well-shielded gamma source some distance away. For example, placing the FTC Radiation Sensor Pack inside of a shipping container, the sensor can detect radiation values over a long period of time, thereby detecting much lower actual radiation than other “short introduction” sensor types.

Programmable for Your Application
The FTC Radiation Sensor Pack can be programmed to provide either a “fault/no fault” condition when radiation reaches a threshold above background, or it can provide a value for the amount of radiation it has detected since the last sample, and allow onboard logic to make a determination if these received values are above desired limits










FTC is an Emerging Technology Company focused on Homeland Security and Defense Markets
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20% Commercial
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Emerging Technology

Founded in 2003
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Programmable System Interface
Communication link data relay system
Field unit hardware
Data delivery
Quick Triggers
Target Products
Worldwide sensor threat reporting
Post event monitoring (Plume Characterization)
Mobile and fixed asset monitoring
The right technology - Now
Fulfills Homeland Security Mandates
Solves user requirements.







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