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‘Dirty Bomb’ City Protection Grid
Mountain View California 04 November 2005

The City of Mountain View California will hold a Public Safety Readiness ‘Dirty Bomb Event’ Exercise on Thursday 10 November 2005. The exercise will simulate a ‘Dirty Bomb’ explosion, detection, response and evacuation scenario.

Of particular interest will be the use of radiation Sensor Packs to detect and report the simulated ‘Dirty Bomb’ event. The City of Mountain View will be the first in the nation (if not the world) to test an in-place detector grid to protect its citizens.
FTC Sensor Packs will be installed on various city buildings. At the start of the exercise, the Sensor Packs will be triggered using a small amount of radioactive material. The Sensor Packs automatically report the presence and location of radioactive materials to the City of Mountain View’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC). This information is displayed on EOC computer screens pinpointing the affected areas. City safety personnel will react to the Sensor Pack information and simulate dispatching the required forces to evacuate and contain the contaminated areas. Press is invited to view the rooftop Sensor Pack and EOC demonstration. The exercise runs 9am-12noon on Thursday 10 November. Exercise preparations begin at 8am.

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Contact information
Lynn Brown, City of Mountain View Disaster Preparedness Office
(650) 903- 6825

Frank Zajac, FTC - Forward Threat Control
(650) 906-7917

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